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We Will Tar Your Driveway, Parking Areas, Roads and More!

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Why The Need For Tar Roads?

Some Benefits of tar roads:

- Low maintenance
- Versatile
- Durable and hard wearing
- Good lifespan
- Adds value to your home or property
- Cost effective (compared to other paving options)

Interesting Fact!
Tar is a resin sourced predominantly from organic matter. Heat is applied to produce the end product, a thick fluid. It is hard wearing with a long lifespan.

Looking for Asphalt SUPPLY Instead?
CLICK HERE If you are looking to purchase asphalt and other mixes.

Call us about tar roads !
087 943 2337


We Will Tar Any Surface!

We can repair or resurface any area. Let us know what you need:

- Parking lots
- Pothole repair
- Driveways
- Walkways
- Business complex
- Residential complex
- Car parks
- Road repairs
- Loading bays
- Shopping malls
- and More!

Just let us know what you need! We specialize in surfacing areas greater than 100 square meters!

Contact us for expert, efficient service and tar roads!
087 943 2337


A Preview of Our Services!

Our services stretch across various sectors:
- Civil
- Private
- Corporate
- Construction
- Industrial
- Mining Sites
- Farms
- Municipal / Government

General services we provide:
- Asphalt tarmac surfacing
- Road Markings
- Road Earth Works
- Kerbing
- and More!

Exceptional service as you would expect.
087 943 2337

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